Radiator 2KP-90500.

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New heating radiator 2KP-90500 it is developed as an intermediate design between a radiator 2K60P-500 with width of section 138 of mm and an one-panel radiator 1K60P with length of section 60 of mm. Radiator 2KP-90500 with depth of section 90 of mm it can be used in premises where the acting niche of a window sill is more than 60 mm, but it is much less than 138 mm.

It is a panel radiator, with two-channel, from each party acts edging panels and three small edges for increase in a surface of heating.

Radiator 2KP-90500 is more effective, than radiator 1K60P. At increase in the area of a surface at 15,8 % the weight of a radiator has increased only for 11,8 %.

Mark of a radiator 2KP-90500
Distance centre to centre
nipples apertures, mm
Surface of a heat transfer one section, m² 0,173
Capacity one section, l 0,9
Weight one section, kg 4,7
Specific metal consumption, kg / kw 42,7
Linear thermal density a stream,
kw / m
Capacity one section, W 110

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