Radiator 2KP100-90-500.

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Radiator 2KP100-90ُ500 are the further of perfection of a design of radiators 2KP. Depth of section is kept as in a radiator 2KP-90; the length of section is increased up to 100 mm. The space between sections has increased, due to what speed thermal convection a stream of heat has increased. Have raised thermal technicals characteristics of a radiator in comparison with a radiator 2تد-90ُ500:

  • on capacity in kw - on 27 %;
  • on a surface feedback of heat in m²; - on 6 %;
  • at decrease in a specific thermal capacity in kg / kw - on 17 %.

    Mark of a radiator 2KP100-90-500
    Distance centre to centre
    nipples apertures, mm
    Surface of a heat transfer one section, m² 0,184
    Capacity one section, l 1,07
    Weight one section, kg 5,0
    Specific metal consumption, kg / kw 35,7
    Linear thermal density a stream,
    kw / m
    Capacity one section, W 140