Radiator 1K60P-500.

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At this radiator one water channel and accordingly less building dimensions that does convenient his application at the limited space of the area of a window sill. The design of it has no acting fragments and edges that interferes with accumulation of a dust in the collected radiator.

Small thermal capacity of one section of 0,07 kW allows to pick up quantity sections a radiator for heating a concrete premise with the minimal losses of heat at feedback of heat.

Mark of a radiator 1K60P-500
Distance centre to centre
nipples apertures, mm
Surface of a heat transfer one section, m² 0,116
Capacity one section, l 0,73
Weight one section, kg 3,8
Specific metal consumption, kg / kw 54,3
Linear thermal density a stream,
kw / m
Capacity one section, W 70

By manufacture of a radiator 1K60P the new way moulding a forward wall of the panel of a radiator is used. The panel is formed as a unit, completely in drag as a flat rectangular in the size 56065 mm.

The opportunity of decorating of the panel as independent independent element with various variants of the image on it, such, as strips, lines, notches, circles, ovals, etc., down to art figure or a symbol on the collected radiator from n- quantities sections has appeared.