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Minsk Heating Equipment Works
Minsk Heating Equipment Works
MS-140M and BZ-140-300 - traditional two-channel and three-channel radiators small and average height.

2K60P - with two-channel section radiators modern design.

1K60P - new single-channel radiators.
 Radiators -
  • long operation radiators (till 30 years), provided with durability and high corrosive stability of pig-iron;

  • a set of the certain quantity section it is possible to adapt radiator for concrete conditions and to reach thus optimum thermal capacity radiator;

  • the increased section of water channels provides longer operation at adjournment of a scum;

  • simple installation: radiators can be suspended on a wall with the help of arms or on the racks attached to a floor;

  • simple and cheap repair: an opportunity of replacement of failed section instead of the whole radiator.


    Pig-iron section heating radiators are intended for systems of heating of inhabited, public and industrial buildings raised floor of a building with temperature of the heat-carrier up to 130º C (including in steam systems of heating) and working superfluous pressure up to 0,9 MPa (9 kgs/sm²).

    Section of radiator are made of grey pig-iron SC10 with lamellar graphite, nipple are made of malleable cast iron ferrite class KC30-6F. Radiators are issued small (300 mm) and average (500 mm) heights.

    Radiator will consist from separate pig-iron section, collected on nipples with the help of rings "0-ring" of heat-resistant high-quality rubber instead of flat rubber linings; it has raised reliability and durability radiator concerning tightness. radiator it is completed with four fuses: two deaf person with the left groove and two checkpoints with the right groove and carving apertures in them.


    Click on image of the radiator for reception of the detailed information on it.

    radiator 260 radiator 260 radiator 260
    radiator 260-300 radiator 2100-90500 radiator 2-90500
    radiator 160 radiator -140 radiator 3-140-300
    Production MZOO:
    In 2003 our system of quality has been successfully certificated on conformity to the international standard ISO 9001:2000 in German body on certification TUV CERT at participation of experts of the company "Intersertifika TUV Turingen" (Moscow).

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