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Minsk Heating Equipment Works
Minsk Heating Equipment Works
Production JSC "MZOO" - for any winter. High quality, low Prices.

The factory renders services to the organizations and private persons on installation of boilers and systems of heating.
  • the pig-iron products made by a method of decorative moulding successfully combine massiveness and grace;

  • long operation of products, is provided with durability and high corrosive stability of pig-iron.


    Alongside with wide assortment of our production we can offer decorative - art moulding from the metal, intended for exert an elevating interiors, the areas of squares, cemeteries, country sites, rural building, etc. Metal is one of the basic materials in decorative - art creativity in streets of our cities, in an interior of office buildings and premises.

    Products of elements of an accomplishment (a bench, a florist, lanterns, urns, section protections, storm lattices, protections for trees, park sculptures).
    Decorative - art moulding in an interior (fireplaces, chimney sets, fixtures, tables, sculptures).
    Moulding under individual orders (signboards, the arms, bells, tablets).
    Moulding of ritual products (a bench, the tablet, a monument - cross, vases, frameworks under a medallion, fencings, little tables, gravestone inscriptions).
    Complete sets of chimney tools. Into complete sets of sets KI-1 - KI-4 enter: poker, hook, scoop, a nipper, a core central. Into complete sets of sets KI-5 - KI-8 enter: poker, scoop, a core central.
    The name of a product Overall dimensions, no more, than mm
     Length   Width  Height
    KI-1 285 285 945
    KI-2 285 285 945
    KI-3 285 285 915
    KI-4 285 285 915
    KI-5 205 205 910
    KI-6 205 205 910
    KI-7 205 205 880
    KI-8 205 205 880
    Production MZOO:
    In 2003 our system of quality has been successfully certificated on conformity to the international standard ISO 9001:2000 in German body on certification TUV CERT at participation of experts of the company "Intersertifika TUV Turingen" (Moscow).

    Minsk Heating Equipment Works
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