The company "Progress" - the mobile versatile industrial enterprise, engaged in metal working (the trading equipment, the equipment for the food-processing industry, carriages, production for an accomplishment of territory), processing of a tree(student's furniture, furniture for ante-rooms, computer furniture, different), tailoring bed-clothes, overalls, linen and piece products, manufacturing of ceramic souvenirs, certification a key-hardware, economic utensils, powders, development of the documentation on furniture, hardware, chemical production, the radiating control.

To the enterprise of 27 years. There are sufficient industrial and office premises, the transport site, cafeteria and shop.

Company "Progress" made the trading equipment (hills, counters, hung up, the container, the carriage) for firm interior - shop, the Minsk Komarovsky of the market, Malinovsky of the market, factories " Banner of industrialization " Vitebsk, MAZ, Vitba...

For medicine our enterprise lets out near a bed bedside-tables with a rotary table, carriages platform, bookstand for transportation of food, linen, tools, cargoes.

As the basic batch production of the enterprise manufacture of computer tables, school adjustable, educational and serves a dining room of furniture, completes sets for repair from wood plate laminated and plastic for educational institutions.

Our metalcutting shop carries out orders on manufacturing: the non-standard equipment, designs from metal (fencings, lattices, chambers, fences). Means of mechanization of auxiliary operations (the carriage platform various updatings on wheels from cast rubber with metal nave Ø180, the container, этажерки, wheelbarrows, including from food stainless steel), hung up.

Shop of processing of a tree is engaged in manufacture of small-sized vestibules, lunch and desks, the trading equipment, developed by our design department which has won first place at an exhibition "Furniture - 2001" in Minsk.

Conditions of delivery of production - flexible. To wholesale buyers of the discount.

We take into account development of modern scientific and design idea, pressing needs of the ordinary consumer. Our enterprise is ready to cooperation. With us 125 shops constantly work.

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