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The "Company VaMa Sm" Ltd. company is one of the leader on market of the wholesale trades of the metal.

The main advantages of our company:

  • constant wide assortment of rolled metal a warehouse in Smolensk;

  • low prices;

  • a covered warehouse;

  • weighing on electronic weights;

  • an individual approach to each customer;

  • promptitude;

  • an opportunity of payments on a check-book, securities (bills);

  • an opportunity to work on barter;

  • deliveries of rolled metal under the order;

  • interesting offers on work with permanent customers.

    Now you can get from us practically all spectrum of rolled metal::
    sheets; a strip; forget part; a circle; a channel; hexagon bar; a square; reinforcement; a wire; pipes etc.

    Your offers of mutual cooperation always will be operatively considered on conditions favourable to both sides; concerning whether deliveries of rolled metal or barter operations.

    We are ready to carry out delivery of rolled metal and transportation of production by our transport as well.

    Cooperating with us, you will have an opportunity to organize direct deliveries from our constant partners from the Russian Federation and payments in Russian roubles, that significantly reduces cost of rolled metal.

    Your needs (annual, quarter) will be considered and taken into account at formation of our warehouse stock.



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